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holly is live at the world's oldest continually operating airport. and it is here in our area and celebrating a special anniversary. we'll celebrate with them. fox 5 morning news is just getting started. good morning to you. it is 5:00 on this thursday. there is a live look at our nation's capitol. starting off kind of warm today. a little bit warmer than the last uple. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we say good morning to tucker barnes. >> humidity was in check yesterday but it won't be the case today. it will be running wild. >> it is already warmer outside. >> kind of of a hot, sweaty afternoon with a chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm. want to start real quick owshd an yo show you the latest here with danny. still a tropical storm. maximum winds up to 60 miles per hour. looking a little more
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impressi. e the hurricane center just flew a plane in anfod d the center was farther to the north than they had first thought. we'll con to watch danny here. i'll give you more details. -- we'll continfoto watch danny here. there it is now north of puerto rico. onto washington weather and gurvir it, we're warm, 75 degrees in downtown washington. humidity is 82%. in w wnod. watch the shower activity off to the north and west start to push into central pennsylvania. that is associated witha evry weak cold makeits esvprwill en kema its presence felt around here later today in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms. not going to be raining all day. we can't rule out the possibility. you get the drill. in the summertime, keafn ooerrn teafn ooerows and thunderstorms and along that enont, i think wthave a dt enec chance. 89 will be the high today.
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90 in la plata. a scattered afternoon shower or thunderstorm possibility. >> let's say good morning to julie and see how traffic is moving. >> not too bad right now. lanes open if you are traveling on the bottom side of the beltway to and from the wilson brid. you will find the lane are open southbound along 270 working your way in from germantown headed out towards the split. that is still an easy ride for you. lanes are open southbound 29 out to university boulevard. northbound i-95 in the clear out of woodbridge. 395 runs without incident leaving the beltway headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. i'm looking forward to being a foot soldier in this undertaking and this time we will not fail. >>ven though we have known this day was coming for some time now, we await it with no
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small amount of dread. >> the political world continuing to mourn the loss of senator ted kennedy. >> the flag on top of the u.s. capitol is flying at half- staff. it and all other flags to federal property will remain lowered until august 30th, part of a presidential proclamation. meantime, senator kennedy's memorial plans press on. his final farewell begins today with a three-day whirlwind trip from cape cod to northern virginia. >> before a report now from sarah simmons at arlington cemetery. >> reporter: senator kennedy ll be buried here at arlington national cemetery on saturday. it is still unclear at this point whether or not the public is invited to attend that ceremony here but you can imagine hundreds, possibly even thousands of people thatwould like to pay their last respects here. they will have a chance to do so as well in boston throughout the next couple of days. there will be a private service
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that will actuallbe held on cape cod at noon today. then kennedy's body will be driven from hyannis port about 70 miles for boston where he will be driven near places that were of significance to him. the state hall, also boston common and faneuil hall. kennedy's body will be moved to the jfk presidential library for public viewing. it will be held starting today from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. tonight. and on friday, there wl be a private memorial service there at the library. saturday, then, there is a funeral mass that is scheduled at our lady of perpetual help basilica. in the afternoon then, he will be flown here to arlington national cemetery where he will be laid to rest next to his brothers. already, people have been flocking to arlington national cemetery, people that received
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the news yesterday that came here directly to the grave sites where five kennedy family members have already been buried. >> i think it is a good thing for a family to be together. >> i'm really surprised they are not keeping him in massachusetts. he lived his life up there. and i'm just really surprised that they are going to bury him here. >> reporter: and then, of course, president obama also, who has become a very close friend of senator kennedy, he will deliver the eulogy held at the mass at the basilica. so who kill will take over the senate seat that the senator had held for nearly 47 years. state law requires a special election take place between 145 and 160 days following a vacancy and there cannot be anybody appointed to the seat
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before then. potential candidates include i don't kennedy, his wife, vicki kennedy, marty mehan, current congressman, steve lynch and attorney general martha coakley. we'll have much more on senator kennedy's death throughout the day and on our web site, a photo gallery and all of that is on the front page at making local headlines this more than, police have identified the victim in a deadly stabbing on q street northwest. his name is joshua mack. he is 21 years old and from clinton, maryland. the stabbing happened in broad daylight. one man survived the attack. mack died at the hospal. no arrests in this case yet. no charges planned behind a woman would left a dog inside a hot car. she happens to be the ceo for the richmond society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. he her husband said he loaded
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dog into the car an forgot to tell her. the dog died of kidney failure. local aid and health and higher education will take hits in a unanimous move, the state's three board of public works members acrofd $454 million in cuts. in the district, nearly 100 school custodians and maintenance workers will be laid off. coming up next, new devepments in the octomom case. we'll tell you if she will face an investigation by child protective services. south carolina governor mark sanford with a message for those calling for his resignation, including his lieutenant governor. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
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making headlines this morning, nadia suleman is no
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longer under the radar of the child protective services. an advocate had filed a petition requesting an independent guard imran be put in place for the children. embattle south carolina governor mark sanford is staying put. the lieutenant governor is calling on his boss to resign. it is the latest in the fallout from the governor's affair with a woman in argentina. investigators say it revealed using public money for trips but sanford says he won't be railroaded out of office. today, the federal deposit insurance corporation will rereel how much its reserves have been depleted by bank failure this is year. analysts warn the fdic will sink into the red by the end of the year. what does that mean for your bank account? the fed says you shouldn't worry because the fdic is full by l.i.e. backed by the government. there is new meaning to the
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term morning hustle. a problem more associated with the nighttime now growing more common during the day. next, the legacy of the late senator ted kennedy. examples of how his work is influencing the lives of so many people. an umbrella might not be a bad idea a little later on this afternoon as we have a chance for a shower or thunderstorm back in the forecast. i'll have the details and we'll take a look at the weekend as well. julie wright will be in with a look at your on-time traffic right after the break. how about a swim? i'm a little irregular today. don'you eat activia? for my little issues? they're not that bad.
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most people's have a indications are done, some folk headed back to school but it is still hot outside. >> think some people still have a beach vacation, don't you? >> really? >> right before labor day. here in washington, we are just feeling with humidity. we'll be looking at the possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms back
5:16 am
in the forecast later this afternoon. we are watching tropical storm danny. we have a lot going on in the weather center. >> got to do it all by yourself. >> i'm going to doit all itby myself. i miss kat th, loa e at the temperatures. again, trehes currently temperatures a littlerearmer than yesterday. yesterday, we were ttinthe 1r0 f thof e north and west. this morning, low 70s. to here in . wn re off to a mild start and the humidity is up. 70 in baltimore. 72 in fredericksburg. it won't be a terrible day. we'll have more in the way of cloudiness and a chan for scattered showers and thunderstorms. cold front dropping on through. it is a weak one. you can seat scattered showers up across central sections of pennsylvania. some of those will try to get
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in here. we could spark off a thunderstorm a little later today. either way, it will be humid. you will notice the humidity around here as we get into the afternoon with high temperatures back into the upper 80s. yesterday, we were in the low 90s a few degrees cooler with the cloud cover today. let's get down today tropics. let's take a look at tropical storm danny. we have been watching it the last couple of days. maximum winds now 60 miles per hour. it is getting a little stronger. it is not terribly well organized at this hour and what keeps happening is every time a hurricane accepted a plane in, the fix for where the renter of circulation is changes. they just got back and found it a little bit north. every time they have to refix the central position, that will change the track of the storm. we are thinking this will end up off the coast of carolina by friday and somewhere off the delmar apeninsula. we'll see if it impacts the weather here in washington. i think it will likely impact the beaches in the form of high waves and surf and the potential for rain depending on
5:18 am
how close it tracks to the coastline. we'll continue to watch danny and see if it doesn't factor in on our weekend weather here in washington. for us, partly cloudy skies. scattered afternoon shower or thunderstorm. high temperature about 89 degrees. tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms overnight. it will remain humid. 70 for an overnight low with winds out of the east at five miles per hour. there you go. not a perfect looking forecast the next couple of days. i don't think it will rain the entire weekend but we have to get the timing down on danny. a cold front which will bring in significantly cooler air. we'll have overnight lows back in the 50s in some spots by tuesday morning. so much cooler air on the way. let's get to on-time traffic this morning. i know that is good news for julie wright. she loves cool weather. >> come on now, starting off with the joke early this morning, aren't you? on the roads, we have at lanes open with no accidents to reported. you travel the top stretch of
5:19 am
the beltway leaving college park headed around towards 270, southbound 207 still in the clear. -- 270 still in the clear. this is close in 66 where the lane are open leaving nutley street headed in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. dozens gathered in the district to remember senator ted kennedy. mourners came together in dupont circle with signs, flowers and candles all reflexing on the senator's life. that vigil was organized by one of senator kennedy's biggest supporters, political group move >> you don't need to look far to see senator kennedy's impact on our society. >> beth parker found a lot of examples of the senator's legacy in action and how it is
5:20 am
affecting people living here in the washington area. >> reporter: this army of volunteers lost a leader. pete davis delivers food to elderly people through meals on wheels of arlington. >> i think there would be a lot of ungry people if this program didn't exist. >> the hope still lives. >> reporter: back in 1972, ted kennedy sponsored legislation to help make sure older people have a nutritious meal. today be meals on wheels deliver as a million meals a day. peggy ingram works for the meal on wheels ssociation of america. >> he wrote a letter to our ceo that said i love this program and that is absolutely true. he lived that. >> reporter: ingram says as recently as this week, she was still talking ted kennedy's office about helping those in need. >> i think that he was a voice for the voiceless perhaps is the best way to put it. >> reporter: now, every time you walk down a street, you see ted kennedy's work. before the americans with disabilities acted passed in 1990, there were very few curbs
5:21 am
like this one that helped disabled people get around. >> we've seen a transformation of the american landscape. >> reporter: because of ted kenny,er amica's sidewalks and buildings look different. there is the civil rights act and family medical leave. >> fifty years in the united states senate and you look at all of the laws that he left his mark on, there is no senator that comes close. >> reporter: andy runs the american association of people with disabilities and he has bipolar disorder. he says people with mental illness have benefited from kennedy's work so for him, this is personal. >> it's huge loss. if you care about civil rights for people with disabilities, if you care about women's rights, if you care about immigrant rights, you lost a huge champion. >> reporter: he saws a member of the kennedy family told him with ted gone being effect else who is fighting for civil rights will now have to work a lot harder. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we'll have much more on
5:22 am
senator kennedy's death on our website. a photo gallery of his life plus worldwide reaction and what his passing means for the future of the senate. it is all on the front page of coming up next, a local secret exposed in broad daylight. >> can't miss them when you see them. they stick out like a sore thumb. >> he is talking about the ladies of the night, now ladies of the early morning. a fox 5 investigation reveals why you might be seeing more of this in the early hours as you head to work. you're watching fox 5 morning news
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it is considered the world's oldest profession but ladies of the night have tape over a few streets during broad daylight and neighbors in the shaw neighborhood say enough is enough. >> for two weeks, our hidden cameras tracked prostitutes hard at work. we want to warn you, some of what we found may unnerve you. tisha thompson with more on what she calls the morning hustle. >> reporter: at the intersection of 11th and k in northwest d.c. a local secret has come out to broad daylight. >> first thing you notice are the shoes. they are usually ultrabig. >> reporter: it is 6:00 in the morning and sharing the sidewalk, prostitutes. >> can't miss them when you see
5:26 am
them. they stick out like a sore thumb. >> reporter: joe o'donnell is the building manager at 1100 l street whose sidewalk is littered with prostitutes just before the sun rises. >> i've chased them out of here and they've come back here th their pimps and their bodyguards and i would stand at the corner there telling them they can't come across the street. >> reporter: our cameras caught the women always on the move walking a circuit between k and l streets, ducking into alley ways when they smell trouble. >> it is almost like a cat and mouse game. monthly ton place commander says the city's prostitution enforcement unit has arrested 88 people in the last three months including many of the men called johns trolling the streets for a woman. >> if you come here to solicit a prostitute, there is a very good likelihood you will be soliciting an undercover officer. >> reporter: neighbors say it is not just the sex. they are also frustrated by what else happens on the streets. our cameras caught this woman leaving a client's car going to
5:27 am
a bus stop where she fixes her bra, her dress and then does something we can't even show you on tv if n. full view of morning traffic that could get her arrested. >> if hear disrobing, stuff like that, that is an indecent exposure. >> reporter: so why are these former ladies of the night now hawking their wares during the morning commute? neighbors say there are plenty of clients during the morning rush hour. the police say it is part of the perpetual game of hide and seek. prostitutes switching their hours up to avoid arrest. whatever the reason, o'donnell says the time has come to resurrect the neighborhood's anti-prostitution task force which he says eliminated the problem 10 years ago. >> this is the capital of country. you got a lot of visitors here from not only out of state but from overseas and they're looking at the capital of our country looking like the porn capital of our country and that
5:28 am
should not be. >> reporter: mpd says all this week, it has been aggressively cracking down on prostitution. whenever it receives a complaint, it typically send undercover officers to that location within the same day. at the intersection of 11th and k, i'm tisha thompson, fox 5 news. nearly a half bill wrong dollars in budget cuts approved for the state of maryland. why that could translate into a rough ride for your commute. remembering the life of the late senator ted kennedy. sarah? >> reporter: the nation mourns the loss of another kennedy. coming up being more on the funeral arrangements and how the public can say good-bye for the last time when fox 5 morning news returns. ( sighs )
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welcome back. it is 5:30 on this thursday morning. >> tucker is in with another check on our forecast. howdy. >> good morning. checking the forecast and it looks fine right now. we'll have sunshine, some clouds. we'lhave the chance for some showers. >> a little bit of effect. >> and some heat out there. >> some heat and humidity. we have a little bit of everything to offer today. as we get into the afternoon, we'll watch the daytime heating kick up a few showers and thunderstorms. let's get started with the all- important and very impressive bus stop forecast. steve, do want you wish your car looked that good. >> i like the windows.
5:32 am
>> we got them tinted this year. partly sunny, more humid on the way to school. our sunrise will be at 6:33 this morning. let's take a look at current conditions. we are 75 at reagan national. still on the warm side. really never cooled off 73 %. rendr huty , , %.73 r ound are out of the north at five miles per hour. let's seet har weweca n ndn o the satellite-radar together and we'll find for the most part not a lot en ppain pp bof cloud a little i cover off to the nortand a nofelight showers there a central pennsyfeia celvl raanpennsylvania. that is e thlval n cthwi the c front which will make its presence felt here in the form of a few scattered showers a thunderstorms. this will not be a big deal. we have a better chance for steadier, heavier rain and we'll show you why coming up in a couple of minutes. for the remaind of the day, should be a nice one with high temperature cooler than yesterday. upper 80s with a few scattered showers and thunderstorms later
5:33 am
in the afternoon. >> all right. thank you very much. >> let's say good morning to julie wright with a look at traffic. >> good morning. no accidents right no to report. still clear in each direction to and from the wilson bridge. all lane are open if you are traveling southbound along # 70. a little bit of a tie-up starting to form as you work your way southbound south of the truck scales from hyattswn to clarkburg. no accidents report ad long the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. 66 official home depotting nicely. that's a check of your nice -- 66 still holding nicely. he has left a great void in our public life and a hole minister hearts of millions of americans. >> that is vice president joe biden taking time out from an energy seen the to remember his close friend, senator ted kennedy. >> the flag on top of the u.s.
5:34 am
capitol flying at half-staff in honor of the late senator. all other flags will remain lowered until august 30th. in the meantime, the senator's memorial plans have been set now. his final farewell starts today with a three-day whirlwind trip from cape cod to northern virginia. >> fox 5's sarah similar monday is joining us live from articling toobe national cemetery which will be senator's final resting place. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the senator will be buried here at arlington nationals cemetery on saturday next to his brothers. it is unclear at this point whether or not the public will be allowed to attend the service here at the cemetery but there are many events leading up to the burial on saturday that people will be able to attend and pay their last respects. there will be a private memorial service starting at noon today on cape cod. then from there, kennedy's body will be driven the 70 miles from hyannis port to boston where he will e driven past several places of significance
5:35 am
to his past. then he will be tape to the jfk presidential library where he will lie in repose for a public viewing there that will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. tonight is the first one and tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 in the afternoon. then on friday, there will be a private memorial service at the library. then saturday, a funeral mass will be held at our lady of perpetual help basilica in boston. then in the afternoon, he will be flown here to arlington national cemetery and buried next to his brothers. now, with the news coming out yesterday, people have already been flocking here to the grave sites where five kennedy family member have already been buried. >> i'm really viced that they're not keeping himup in massachusetts. he has lived all his life up there and i'm just really viced that they are going to bury him here. >> if the rest of the family there is, i think that is okay.
5:36 am
>> reporter: now, president obama who has become a close friend with senator kennedy will deliver the eulogy at the mass in boston it basilica before he is flown here an buried next to his brothers, john and robert. we are live here at arlington national cemetery, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. senator kennedy spent decades pushing for health care reform. he called it the great cause of his life and now democrats are vowing to carry on that fight. the senator's friends, chris dodd says he hopes they can get it done. >> my hope is that this will maybe cause people to take a breath, step back and try talking with each other again in more civil tones about what needs to be done. that is what teddy would do. he would get passionate about the issue but there was no one better in trying to bring people together to get a job done. >> republican senator john mccain praised senator kennedy
5:37 am
on sunday saying the health care reform efforts would be any ery different place if the senator had been able to fully take part in that debate. we'll have much more on senator kennedy's death throughout the day and on our website. we have a photo gallery of his life and what his passing means to the future of senate on the home page of our website at locally, police are tracking the men who stabbed two men in broad daylight. one of the men died yesterday. he was 21-year-old joshua mack of clinton, maryland. it happened yesterday in the 200 block of q street as the two men walked down the street. metro police offering a reward of up to $25,000 for tips leading to an arrest and conviction. in fairfax county, the suspect in the stabbing of a bibby sit are and the child she was watching is now facing charges. police say he attacked a 68- year-old woman and a toddler in falls church yesterday. both victims are in serious but
5:38 am
stable condition. investigators say after the stabbing, the suspect ran into a nearby building and knocked on the door after an apartment still holding a knife. a 55-year-old man answered the door andafter a struggle, he was able to disarticle suspect an hold him until police arrived. in d.c. close to 100 school custodians an maintenance workers are getting pink slips. officials say they're making the personnel adjustments because of budget restraints. the city says the workers will receive severance. the devastating typhoon in taiwan has claim the lives of nearly 700 people and now efforts to bring some comfort to that region could spark anger. we'll explain what is happening as we check world headlines. a couple trapped inside a burning car possibly seconds from death. we'll get details of their frantic rescue. you are watching fox 5 morning news. hundreds on car insurance.
5:39 am
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second made all the difference for this oregon couple trapped inside their burning car. fred and clawed ven stock were driving home from a camping trip when they crashed spark august fire. two strangers found them and raced to pull the couple out of the wreckage. within 30 seconds, the propane tanks on their camper exploded. more comfort is on the way for survivors of that deadly typhoon in taiwan earlier this movement the taiwanese
5:42 am
government has approved a visit by the dalai lama to the area. that is expected to anger china. china and taiwan are trying to develop close are ties. 670 people died in the wake of the august 8th storm. the governor of new mexico bill richardson dodged criminal charges in a pay to play federal investigation and high- ranking members of his administration will too. a person familiar with the case says that the justice department decided not to pursue indictments. the investigation looked at a possible scheme in which lucrative work on state bond deals went to the richardsons' political donor. dominic dunne has died. he wrote for more than 25 years about the crimes committed bit rich and famous. his most famous work was the o.j. simpson case. his career began when his actress daughter was murdered in 1982. he passed away in his manhattan home from bladder cancer. he was 83.
5:43 am
some steep budget cuts d. so to anyl rd.oj proaec d pr rects could get the ax. tswe'll run down what is on the chopping block. tropical storm danny is keeping closer to the east coast. will he have an impact on our weekend ? tucker has the latest when we return here on fox 5 morning news. ah, the first day of school.
5:44 am
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. we're back. tucker is back with another check on our weather. >> well, the weather is going to be --it will be okay today. we have some humidity around so you will notice that summertime humidity. we have big changes next week. it will be a lot cooler. those of that you love summertime weather, i suggest you get it in today. >> bye-bye. >> some big changes. speaking of changes, talk about the changes in our tropical system. tropical storm danny. some how danny doesn't sound that intimidating. it should be like dan. >> daniel. >> there you go. tropical storm is daniel. danny is doing his thing. can you see him out there. maximum winds about 60 miles per hour. here is the deal. the hurricane center keeps flying planes in here and they are fining some fairly impressive winds off to the north and east of the center. you see here, there is a nice
5:47 am
the flare-up of danny. the center of irculation keeps bouncing around. so that really changes the eventual forecast path of danny because we can't get a fix on where it is centered, we can't identifying out where it will go -- find out where it will go. maximum winds, 60 miles per hour moving off to the north and west at about 10 miles per hour. this is the best thinking on this storm as we get to the end of the week and weekend. by about 2:00 saturday morning, it will be off coast of the carolinas. it will make a pass here early saturday morning east of ocean city and up towards the cape and eventually canada ads we get into the day on sunday. at this point by saturday, it might be a minimal hurricane with maximum winds of about 75 miles per hour. if it tracks further to the we, it could impact us here in washington. i think either way it will bring high surf anthe possibility of gusty winds to the beaches and perhaps some bands of rain as well during the day on saturday. we have to keep a close eye on
5:48 am
danny over the next couple of days. all right. 75degrees, we are on the mild side. a little cooler off to the north and west. we cooled off in baltimore last hour. 69 out at dulles. 66 right now in frederick. it will be a decent day around here. we'll get a mix of sun and clouds and the possibility of a couple of afternoon showers and thunderstorms, compliments of this very weak cold front. see the cloud cover across central sections of pennsylvania. yeah, it is a weak cold front t will be sag down into the washington area during the course of the day. we can't rule out the possibility of a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms. i think you will notice t humidity out there today. partly cloudy skies. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms and again, more humid than yesterday. high temperature about 89 degrees. and the next couple of days as we get into the weekend here, wave got some changes and a lot depends on the eventual track of tropical storm danny but it looks like we'll be unsettled both friday, saturday, right into sunday as the combination of danny and a cold front move
5:49 am
flu and early next week t will be a lot cooler. overnight lows back into the 50s in some spots by tuesday morning. a little tastef fall right around the corner. >> let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright. there she is. and i know you love this news. >> the only good thing about fall weather is fotball season. >> i know. it starts on friday. high schools start tomorrow. >> really? >> yeah. >> who you rooting for? >> i got my own favorites. i can't share them with you right now. >> all right. later then. southbound 270 out of germantown, all of the lane are open. northbound 95 out of wood bridge bridge, not a bad ride at all. new hampshire avenue up at good hope road, ac dentactivity
5:50 am
reported there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. fix the financial mess in maryland could mean more potholes in yew commute. governor's new plan takes away a whopping 90% of the money meant for road repair in montgomery and prince george's county. melanie alnwick reports. railroad on a new web site for maryland state employees, governor martin o'malley tried to cushion the blow of severe budget cuts. >> these cuts represent about 5% of our general fund for 2010. by comparison, california's budget gap has reached as high as 49%. >> the ste needs to slash $459 million in spending. biggest chunk is being taken out of funds meant to support cities and counties. that money is used for local police departments, health clinics, community colleges and transportation. montgomery and prince george's counties are losing 90% of the money they were supposed to get
5:51 am
from gas attacks, driver's licensing and titling fees. >> if there was a onstruction probably next your neighborhood, it might be delayed. if you have a pothole on your way to work, it might take longer for it to get fixed. if you were hoping to get a sidewalk on a street in your area, that might not happen this year. >> reporter: in the plan, the state is protecting k through 12 education and the social safety net. but higher education is taking a hit instead. the university of maryland system will lose $46 million. community crejs are losing $10 million. that will likely mean -- >> reduced class offerings, larger class sizes, higher tuition. something will have to give. >> reporter: governor o'malley is giving thanks to state workers who will have to endure more furloughs. >> thank you for getting us through these tough, tough times. we are all in this together. >> reporter: still no, matter how you serve it, the cuts go
5:52 am
deep into the quality of life that marylanders have come to expect. the redskins are getting set for another pre-season showdown tomorrow night and they hope to do something they haven't done yet. are they getting a little antsy? a familiar face is b the mound for the nats. key full pull out a win for chicago -- could he pull out a win for chicago? we'll find out next.  come on in. you're invited to the chevy open house. where getting a new vehicle is easy.
5:53 am
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. good thursday morning. timothy mcveigh ross here with your sports breakfast. for the skins, friday night is a big night. it will be a test against the patriots wind chill all due respect to hypothermia edwards, it is not necessarily to win the game but rather just to show some improvement from the first team offense. here what is happened against the steelers last week. you may recall, got inside the five yard line, second atwo and lidell bets gets about a yard. jim zorn goes back to the playbook. coach,is it imperative that your guys score it week? >> very imperative. if you asked my the first week, had we not pyed a game, i would have given you the same
5:56 am
swear. it is not like i'm stressing over not getting in the end zone. yet, that is what our goals are every time we put our offense on the ball. >> my only goal is to get out there and get something going. scoring is the goal you have every time you go out. that would be nice. whatever the outcome is, that is all i want to do. >> the defense ranked fourth last year, this year boasts the additions of albert haynesworth and brian arachpo. >> we are just going you out to the to do our jobs. hopefully, they'll move the ball up and down the field and we'll able to go out and do our jobs. we can't worry about what the offense is doing. >> who says can you never go home again?
5:57 am
the nat have not said that, not in the case of levon hernandez. because many moons ago, he was with the team and they are hoping he has something left in the old tank. this is a big day. april14, 2005 when d.c., baseball was back in the nation's capital. levo threw out the very first pitch. mets cut him last thursday. the nats signed him on tuesday and last night, he was on the hill. so no resting and waiting around for levo. the first assignment for hernandez if he chooses to accept it, which he did, in chicago last night. the very first batter he faced, this is a strikeout. second batter, milton-bradley. he had a conversation with if
5:58 am
this guy, arsenio hall. bradley way chopper to ryan zimmerman. cubs go on to win. how about them os some minnesota taking on the twinkies? this is to center field. going to get over the baggy in center for a solo home run and the os go on to beat the twins. i will not be in tomorrow morning but remember the game of the week is back. check it out tomorrow afternoon. i'll see you next week for more sports breakfast. >> thank you. straight ahead at 6:00, the final count is in for the popular cash for clunkers program. >> how many new sales has it generated? which vehicles were r?pu 5 popular? fox 5 morning news has the answer. we're back in just two minutes.
5:59 am

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